Clinical Supervision 101-Supervision Competencies

Explaining the key elements that are required in effective Clinical Supervision, including: clinical growth; trust; accepting feedback; professionalism; respect; ambivalence; and attending to developmental needs.

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Presenters: Megan V. Boyd, PhD, LPC, CPCS and Joshua Gebhardt, MA, Doctoral Student. Dr. Megan Boyd is a Senior Clinical Director with ncgCARE. Dr. Boyd has clinical experience in the community-based counseling setting. She is a current member of the LPCA CPCS committee and provides supervision for associate-licensed counselors. Dr. Boyd has also served as an adjunct faculty member for Mercer University and LaGrange College.

OBJECTIVES of the Training:

  • Attendees will identify and explore 3 personal diversity biases in supervision
  • Attendees will learn and practice 3 solutions to reducing diversity bias in supervision
  • Three themes identified in the current literature on diversity issues in supervision

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Clinical Supervision 10103:00:00
Clinical Supervision 101 03:00:00
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