The Law and Board Rules

This workshop will review the laws and rules that govern becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor for those who are providing and/or getting supervision, to include upcoming changes that are taking place in our profession at the state level. It will also examine changes in laws and rules that have occurred regarding the practice of Professional Counseling that all supervisees and supervisors are required to follow. Finally, it will review current

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Presenter: Carolyn Ramp, EdS, LPC, CPCS. Carolyn Ramp has over 40 years of experience working with families and individuals. She has an EdS in Counseling from Georgia Southern and a MEd in Counseling from Augusta University. She has been supervising beginning therapists for almost 20 years. Carolyn is the owner of Resolution Counseling Professionals with a team of fifteen therapists.

OBJECTIVE of the Training:

  • To become aware of and understand the law and board rules governing the licensure that leads to becoming a licensed professional counselor.
  • To gain competence with the Law and rules provided by the state and the composite board regarding supervision requirements and documentation.
  • To understand and practice by the ethical responsibilities as well as follow required documentation in clinical supervision.

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The Law and Board Rules02:51:00
The Law and Board Rules 02:51:00
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