Supervision-Rules, Policies And Ethical Considerations

A review of current rules and policies affecting clinical supervisors, and guidance on how to handle selected ethical considerations. Topics will include: definition of "supervision"; examination of the roles of supervisors to enhance supervisory experience and professional competence; exploration of the ethical codes for supervision; explanation of the Rules, Responsibilities, and Policies relating to clinical supervisors and counselors.

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Presenter: David Markwell, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS, CPCS. Dr. Markwell has been the mental health consultant for “Fetch You News”, the on-line news show serving North Georgia; a periodic guest on the Atlanta morning radio show, “Bailey and Southside” (Rock 100.5); and was awarded the 2017 George C. Podein Counselor of the Year by the LPCA of Georgia. He served on the LPCAGA’s CPCS Committee working on standards based on the licensing boards policies.

Objectives of the Training:

  • Examine the roles of supervisors to enhance supervisory experience and professional competence
  • Explore the ethical codes for supervision
  • Present the Licensing Rules, Responsibilities, and Policies

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Q: When will I receive my CE certificate? 

            A: After you complete at least 80% of the whole course, each step.

Q: Do I have to compete the entire Evaluation?

            A: Yes, your CE Certificate is attached to the evaluation.

Q: Can I open and come back to the course at my leisure?

            A: Yes, the course is untimed and open book.

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