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This webinar will provide an introduction into the ever-evolving world of support animals. Following this webinar, you will have information to have meaningful conversations with your clients regarding support animals. While the details of how to write Emotional Support Animal (ESA) documentation will not be covered, we will look into what happens after a client receives required documentation and the ESA approval is granted.


  1. This presentation will provide core concepts of ESAs
  2. Information about the difference between Emotional Support vs the Service Animals
  3. Legal and Ethical issues for counselors to consider before preparing an ESA
  4. Why Clinicians should not sign off on ESAs.

Note: the webinar you are about to view may have been recorded with a live audience. The content and questions asked in the webinar were from the date of the recording. All content for the webinar is contained in this learning platform and you will receive a CE Certificate upon completion of the content, assessment, and evaluation.

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Avatar for Tracy Hall

Tracy Hall

Tracy Hall is a Licensed Professor Counselor in Georgia and has over 8 years of counseling experience working at a variety of sites including college counseling centers, disability services, court-mandated groups, and individual counseling in private practice settings. She is currently a Counselor at Georgia State in the Counseling and Testing Center and previously was the Assistant Director of Disability Services and Academic Success at Oglethorpe University where she worked with students who qualified for formalized ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accommodations, including those requesting Emotional Support Animals in on-campus housing. Tracy also has years of experience working within the LPCA of GA organization in various roles from volunteer to event coordinator and is proud to serve on the 2018 – 2019 LPCA Board of Directors as the Membership Chair. 

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