Mixed Orientation In Relationships

FREE to Members.  Mixed Orientation In Relationships: A Counselor's Guide, will address: The history of the term "MOC"; common experiences and challenges with MOCs; prevalence of divorce for MOCs and causes; and others.

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Presenter: Joshua Gebhardt, MA, Doctoral Student

OBJECTIVE of the Training:

  • Identify our own biases and assumptions regarding sexual identity
  • Examine the continuum of sexual identities and how that impacts relationships
  • Practice sensitivity to expanding areas of diversity

Note: the webinar you are about to view may have been recorded with a live audience. The content and questions asked in the webinar were from the date of the recording. All content for the webinar is contained in this learning platform and you will receive a CE Certificate upon completion of the content, assessment, and evaluation.



Q: When will I receive my CE certificate? 

            A: After you complete at least 80% of the whole course, each step.

Q: Do I have to compete the entire Evaluation?

            A: Yes, your CE Certificate is attached to the evaluation.

Q: Can I open and come back to the course at my leisure?

            A: Yes, the course is untimed and open book.

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