Counselors' Experiences In The Client Role

Counselor's Experiences In The Client Role in Counselling. Discussing the results of a study on this topic, the presenters will address subjects such as: The counselor as client; counseling for CITs; the rationale for counselling counselors; and Consensual Qualitative Research.

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Presenters: Carrie L. Elder, LPC, ATR-BC, CPCS; Elizabeth Norris, MA, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH; Danielle Dunkley, MS, APC, NCC; and, Dr. Pepper McDonald, PhD, LPC ACS, NCC. 

OBJECTIVE of the Training:

  • Learn about the current literature regarding counselor experiences in the client role and the rationale for why the study of this topic is needed.
  • Based on emerging qualitative data, participants will develop an increased awareness of experiences of counselors in the client role in counseling.
  • Based on emerging qualitative data, participants will explore ways of using these experiences to enhance the counseling experience for counselors.

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Q: When will I receive my CE certificate? 

            A: After you complete at least 80% of the whole course, each step.

Q: Do I have to compete the entire Evaluation?

            A: Yes, your CE Certificate is attached to the evaluation.

Q: Can I open and come back to the course at my leisure?

            A: Yes, the course is untimed and open book.


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