E-Learning Supervision Best Practice

This webinar will discuss recommendations for supervision and best practice to obtain LPC licensure in Georgia. Topics covered include:

  • choosing a supervisor/supervisee
  • recommended documentation
  • purpose of the contract affidavat
  • work environments (directed experience)
  • boundary issues


  1. Explain what Clinical Supervision involves, how to choose the right Supervisor.
  2. Provide valid, reliable, achievable goals for effective supervision.
  3. Best practice and practical guides to the implement supervision for professional development and improved performance

Note: the webinar you are about to view may have been recorded with a live audience. The content and questions asked in the webinar were from the date of the recording. All content for the webinar is contained in this learning platform and you will receive a CE Certificate upon completion of the content, assessment, and evaluation.

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Course Details

Supervision and Best Practice01:00:00
Life After Graduation - Supervision and Best Practice 01:00:00
Supervision and Best Practice Assessment
Supervision and Best Practice Evaluation
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